River and Water Resources:

The following provide links to informational resources for educators and for the public concerning water issues.

These links will lead you to information on the North Fork of the Shenandoah River:

Friends of the North Fork of the Shenandoah River (FNFSR or Friends)
Home page for the Friends of the North Fork of the Shenandoah River

Map of the Shenandoah with North Fork water monitoring sites indicated
Water monitoring sites on the Shenandoah
Clicking on any site flagged on the map will give you an historical snapshot of the water monitoring information for that site.

This link is a link from the home page of the Friends of the North Fork of the Shenandoah River's sister organization Friends of the Shenandoah River.

Environmental Protection Agency - Surf Your Watershed
Surf Your Watershed - EPA
You can find the watershed for any location in the US by entering a zip code in this EPA web site.
Information about any impaired streams and the type of impairment involved is also available at this site.

These links provide general information about water and issues concerning water:

Educational information from the US Geological Survey web site
Water resources of the US - USGS
Lots of information on topics related to water, from water cycle graphics to animations of sea level rise.
Materials appropriate for all grade levels can be found on this site.

National Geographic and Chesapeake Bay Project
Chesapeake Bay Fieldscope Project
"Students investigate water quality issues on local and regional scales and collaborate with students across the bay [watershed] to analyze data and take action."

Chesapeake Bay "Backpack"
Bay Backpack
"Learn some creative ways to integrate the Chesapeake Bay and environmental issues into your classroom."
This site includes teacher resources and lesson plans. The lesson plans can be searched by state standards (including VA), subject and grade level.

"An ocean of free teacher-approved marine education resources."
Bridge Ocean Education Teacher Resource Center
Chesapeake Bay on-line resources links.
A collaboration between the National Sea Grant Office, the National Oceanographic Partnership Program, and the National Marine educators Association, to provide :a growing collection of the best marine education resources on-line." The site is hosted by the Virginia Institute of Marine Science out of the College of William and Mary.

Chesapeake Science on the Internet for Educators
"A web-based resource center and communications hub that supports K-12 Chesapeake Bay science education. ChesSIE provides educators with bay-related teaching resources, field trip information, activities, lesson plans, and state resources."

"Water Classroom Activities and Lesson Plans"
Geology.com lesson plans for water issues
Includes lesson plans which can be adapted for various grade levels from well regarded sources such as Discovery Education, PBS, USGS, EPA, and the National Park Service.

Lesson Plans from National Geographic
National Geographic "Expeditions" Lesson Plans
"The lesson plans on this site were written by educators and have been tested in the classroom. Together, they address all of the U. S. National Geography Standards, the five geography skills, and the main geographic perspectives." Lesson plans can be sorted by grade level and geography standard.

The following web sites all specifically address education on watershed issues:

Cacapon Institute "watershed school"
The Potomac Highlands Watershed School
"Doors" to the school allow you to access educational information and activities for elementary, middle, and high school students. A link is also included for teachers to view resources and share information. The Cacapon is part of the Chesapeake bay watershed.

Watershed explanation
Watershed Education
This link to an explanation of what is involved in a watershed has a very nice graphic illustrating everything that goes into a watershed. The was developed at the University of Minnesota and includes links for other watershed information web sites.

Watershed education links
Watershed Education Links
A wonderful list of web resources that begins with links for educators and kids as well as residents about water resources and projects. But it doesn't stop there, it goes on to give all sorts of links for informing both the education community and concerned citizens on where to find information about issues relating to water resources and where and how to contact local, state, and national entities dealing with these issues.

Lesson Plan - Watershed Quest
Watershed Quest
A PBS lesson plan for grades 5 - 8 as part of the PBS series, Jean-Michel Cousteau's Ocean adventures. The watershed Quest is an integrated-curriculum unit that culminates with the creation of a watershed quest, a treasure hunt centered on a watershed in your community. The quest involves sharing and learning information about watersheds in general and about the watershed in the region where the student lives."

Lesson Plan (6-8)
What is a Watershed? (6-8)
This is one of many lessons available at the web site Learning to Give, Curriculum division of the League, "a school-based system that combines state standard-based lesson plans with community service events that teach students the value of giving and recognize them for their efforts." This is one of 1400 lesson plans available and searchable by grade levels; k-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12, and keywords. Not all the lesson plans deal with water or water related issues but using the keyword 'water' will help you quickly locate those that do.

Lesson Plan Template: